Jeff Love

Jeff began writing code at the age of 8 when his parents bought him a Commodore-64. Jeff didn’t have any computer games so he found a book at the library about writing code and began making his own games. In Jeff’s college days the internet was just coming into play and he was one of the first in his school to create a homepage. Jeff has been coding for 35 years, 25 of those years as a professional coder.

Jeff Love

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Job Title President

Education BA - BYU, MBA - Florida Atlantic University

Awards Sitefinity Website of the Year, Mobile Application of the Year

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Experience Sitefinity, SEO, Microsoft .Net

Jeff’s passion at CyberLancers is to make a difference in the industry. Jeff strives to always treat clients and developers fairly and to be the “Gold Standard” of the industry. One of Jeff’s greatest strengths is his ability to communicate well. This has developed over the years as he was assigned to work and collaborate with many different departments and good communication was key to getting his job done.

Jeff started learning about SEO in 2002 while creating a set of websites created to help others find computer and software training. Many of the pages ranked highly due to how easy it was to manipulate the search engine rankings. He continued to follow SEO trends and most recently has been exploring how page speed and experience affect search engine rankings. Jeff has been an advocate for making websites that are meant for users first and search engines second. This has meant fast loading, clean, content driven websites which Google has begun to use as factors for ranking pages.

Jeff has spoke at conferences about SEO and website performance. Some of the different topics have been how various technologies such as Bootstrap and different javascript frameworks affect page speed. He has also given trainings on how to debug slow performing websites and applications. He also created a seminar series with Kevin Parker to help people start their own business and become freelancers.

Outside of CyberLancers Jeff loves traveling. His favorite place to be is on a cruise ship, next to the pool with his laptop and writing code.